RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Duke's Mayonnaise is launching 'GenMayo,' a chance for fans to share their family's Duke's Mayo story and be selected to win free Duke's tattoos with a friend or family member who shares the same affinity for the classic mayo.

The fierce love and loyalty for Duke's spans generations, especially in the South. For many who were raised on Duke's, this cult-favorite mayo represents fond memories of their childhood and treasured family recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.

Duke's Mayo superfans can submit their generational Duke's story on the Duke's website to be considered. Duke's will then select a handful of the most compelling stories that describe the generational connection and passion for the iconic mayo. The winners will have a consultation in advance to create a custom tattoo design that is unique to the duo and their love story with Duke's.

"If your fam is a Duke's fam, this one's for you. We're looking for meaningful Duke's stories about traditions that people share with a loved one from another generation," said Rebecca Lupesco, Duke's Brand Manager of Mayohem. "We have so many fans who reach out to let us know how and why Duke's is a staple in their kitchens and lives. We're giving those fans a way to make their Duke's memories permanent while creating a fun bonding experience with loved ones."

This marks the mayo brand's second fan-fueled tattoo activation with Yellow Bird in their home city of Richmond, Virginia. The inaugural appointment-only, flash tattoo event sold out in less than an hour, resulting in Yellow Bird inking over 70 diehard Duke's fans and more than 1,000 tattoo hopefuls on the waitlist.

"Tattoos and Duke's Mayo are a huge part of the culture here in Richmond," said Joseph Fessman, owner of Yellow Bird. "We're proud to be partnering with Duke's again and excited to help create such a unique bonding experience that their fans will remember forever."

The deadline for submissions is Oct. 12, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winners of GenMayo will receive their free Duke's tattoo's in November, at the shop's Main Street location. For more information and to submit a story, visit

About Duke's Mayonnaise

Duke's Mayonnaise was created in 1917 in Greenville, S.C., by Eugenia Duke. Since then, Duke's has been adding southern flavors to make good things better. In addition to the flagship mayonnaise, which is still made according to the founder's original recipe, Duke's offers light, olive oil, and flavored mayonnaises, tartar sauce, sandwich relish and regionally inspired Duke's Southern Sauces, dressings, and mustards. Duke's is the Official Condiment of the Tailgate and title sponsor of the Duke's Mayo Classic & Duke's Mayo Bowl. Web: Instagram: @dukes_mayonnaise.

About Yellow Bird Tattoo

Yellow Bird Tattoo, once named Old Soul, was opened in 2016 by Joseph Fessman. Located in downtown Richmond, its goal is to continue to revive the past while maintaining the standards of today's industry. The shop specializes in traditional tattoos/piercings, but they also work in Japanese, black and grey, portraiture, realism, thin lined, and color tattoos.